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What is the Moorish Orthodox Church of America and what did you learn?

I was first introduced to the M.O.C.A. when I was twenty-two years old by a man named Rashad and his wife Amanda, I met them through a Choas Magick website which soon lead us to meet in person.

The M.O.C.A. is an off shoot of the Moorish Science Temple of America which was started by the prophet Noble Drew Ali in the early 1900’s. By the 1960’s beatnik’s were introduced into the Moorish Science and they started there own spin off which they called the Moorish Orthodox Church of America and some also started the Noble Order of Moorish Sufis. Soon hippies, punks, anarchists and a wide range of other people soon joined both the Church and the Sufis some like me are members of both.

The M.O.C.A. is an inter-faith syncretic  religion which teaches and combines the teachings of different faith as One faith often focusing on what most people would call heretical. As a student I learned that the Orthodox view and the Heterodox view are one and the same and to say one is right and the other is wrong is to miss the point of spiritual life and to enter dogmatic death. Which is way today we see mainstream religions dying out or at least hitting the brick wall of crisis. Also, the idea of doctrine is loose and is up to you to decide what you think and what you will teach. This makes the Moorish Church and the Moorish Sufis open to many ideas and often truly happy. In this regard it has a lot in common with Buddhism as the goal is enlightenment but the journey you take depends on you and you alone. Though you may learn from others and even join others for a time your path, your life is up to you.

Most members of the Moorish church and the Moorish sufis will say that they are Monotheists but when they say this they mean the One-connection of everything. Some members are deeply religious while some are non-religious but what is and what isn’t is only defined by that single person.

As a student I learned a great deal which I will try my best to recount all the different things I have learned. The first thing I was taught was the Koran and the Hadith of Noble Drew Ali as well as the Qur’an and the Hadith of Muhammad. I learned the similarities and differences of what was Islam and what was Islamitism. Maybe I will go into that whole concept at another time. Anyways as I moved on I learned the teachings of Hazrat Inayet Khan, Chisti sufism, the Caliphs of the Fatmid dynasty of Egypt, the Ismaili sect, Qwayassi sufism, revolutionary theories ranging from primitivism, pacifism, and total violent destruction of society. I was taught about the Judeo-Canaanite faith, the Hebaeo-Pagan faith, Jewish Folk Magic, Cabalism as well as Christian Cabalism, the mystic Merkabah tradition, the millennialism of Joachim of Fiore, different forms of Utopianism, the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, Black Israelite faith, Free Spirit movement, Alchemy, neo-platonism the Celtic Church, different forms of Gnosticism, the radical protestants, Druidism, the teachings of Charles Fourier, the Pentarchy of Stephen Pearl Andrews, the wandering bishops, liturgical magic, Spiritism, Voudan and Hoodoo, all native religions from Africa to America, Buddhism, Taoism, Tantra meditations, discordia, Hakim Bey, Poetry of Walid al-Taha, the magic of Aliester Crowley and Andrew Chumbley.

Above all I learned the deeper meaning of Hassan I Sabbah’s famous quote “Nothing is sacred, Everything is Permitted, Everything is sacred, Nothing is permitted”. Which I incorporate into my daily life even now.

Ounce you are member of the M.O.C.A. and the N.O.M.S. you are always a member and you can incorporate anything you want into your spiritual and mundane life as you see fit.

You might be thinking I have never met anyone part of this tradition, but you may have because some members don’t call themselves members of either. Some say they are Christian, Jews, Muslims, Atheists,Agnostics, or whatever they wish, they do this not because they are ashamed but because the world is not yet ready for absolute freedom of mind,spirit and body. We have learned from the witch trials of Salem, but there are also those of us who are proud and don’t care what others say. Last reason some might not say they are Moorish is because they hold a status in another more orthodox religion or they lean more towards another way of life and only incorporate parts of the M.O.C.A. or the N.O.M.S.

All are welcome to the Moorish home whether you are male, female, black, white, yellow, red, gay, straight, and everything inbetween.


5 Responses to “What is the Moorish Orthodox Church of America and what did you learn?”

  1. Islam. Peace. Nice to see this post.

  2. HMM I was about 9 years when I overheard my father and uncle discussing this group. I recall the “hippie types” my parents where pals with at the time. Around 18 I got a “Incunabula” catalog sent to me from a ad in Maximum Rock and Roll . My father got VERY uncomfortable when I mentioned my memory of said group. Funny my significant other got me a copy of Ong’s Hat -The beginning because of conversations we had related to the above and my families refusal to speak or even acknowledge its existence. At this point I feel the “TRUTH” is layered with innuendo,rumor/urban legend, half truths,outright lies, So I just apply Hakim Bey’s insights I gleaned from T.A.Z and have moved on with my own path instead of trying to uncover a past no one will speak about much less acknowledge

    • I am a member of this group and we are a thriving community Ongs hat is a good book, Hakim Bey is a door way for many but the M.O.C.A. stands alone and apart from both of them. We have a page on facebook, and we have a website called the Moorish League. may Allah bless you and all that you do. Islam.

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    Enjoy this its a precursor of things to come…..

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