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Does North Korea want what others do?

As I was listening to the radio on December 1, 2010 I heard that China, America, and a few other countries have decided that when the dictator of North Korea dies South Korea should take over North Korea and bring those people into modern life. For some this may sound like a good deal but as I thought I came to conclude that this might not be a good idea at all. What if the North Koreans don’t want South Korean rule? What if they are brought into our modern way of doing things and decide that they don’t like they way we live? Shouldn’t they have a choice in how they live and how they are ruled?

If we force our way of existing on them and they end up hating it then we have created more enemies, more terrorists. Instead of being liberators we will be seen as evil monsters that can’t mind their own business. These are points that should be taking into consideration before anyone acts on behalf of another people.

So as you hear the propaganda spill all over the airwaves of how America, China and others are doing the right thing just take a moment to think that these people won’t be choosing what they want everyone will be giving them what the powers that be want hoping it all works out.

At least that’s how it stands at present.


12/1/10 7:25:07 PM



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