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God is Science

For too long I have witnessed the absurd arguments of both Scientist and Religious leaders. Each one trying to debunk one another for the minds of people. Why is this so?  If we study the origins of both we start at the same place, the Shaman. If you have ever studied Shamanism or had the pleasure to witness tribal peoples you will notice that the Shaman is both spiritual leader and doctor. A person that will call upon the heavens and yet prescribe you a remedy. The Shaman must go through tests, be a student of both mankind and of nature. It is no easy task. Both science and religion both owe everything to these fantastic human beings.

Modern science is an offshoot of Alchemy. Though it has become an embarrassment for some it is the purest science we humans have ever had. And it to Alchemy we must return. Like modern scientist they had theories and set out to prove their theories. Like the holy man they knew that God was apart of both theory and discovery. To divide the two was unthinkable to these people. Just as it should be today.

What I purpose for future generations is to merge together both science and religion on a grand scale. Every religious leader and every scientist must hold a meeting and discuss the BIG Questions of which they both try to answer. Why are we here? Where are we going? What is our place in the universe? And such. Religion and Science are one and the same and thus should become one. An example of what I mean is as such: Most scientist agree on the Big Bang theory, most religious people agree that God created the universe. Now scientist can’t tell us how exactly the particles twirled together to form a huge star which exploded thus giving us the universe. Also, religion can’t tell us exactly how God created the universe. When we combine the two we have the perfect answer. God created the universe by using particles to create the huge star, which he caused to explode and form the universe. It doesn’t have to be exactly that but that is the premise. You can also use God in string theory, which the Alchemist and the Shaman have always known. We are all connected in some way; the way we are connected is through God. Over and over again we get only half answers from both sides but when we place them together we get the complete answer.

Some scientists will then try to argue that miracles do not exist. Yet, the magicians of the ages have proven that all miracles are rooted in some form of science. Also, the fact that we exist on a rock hurling through space is a miracle, the fact we exist at all is a miracle. These miracles have a scientific explanation, we need only to research and take them seriously enough to explore beyond our limited senses of what Nature can and cannot due.

Galileo ounce said, “ That science can tell us what God has ordained”. This statement should be the basis of the new frontier. In the future the holy man of every faith will also be a scientist. The two will not be separate; this future will only exist if humans are truly ready to expand their knowledge in truth as a whole rather than half-truths because a half-truth is only a lie.

By doing this anyone who believes things happen at random will have to step aside or at least rethink there position. When you want the truth you have to accept as it is and the truth is the Universe has Order. The universe functions in an orderly way whether we admit it or not. Nothing happens at random. Likewise those who want to disprove science and spirituality will have to do the same. Those who can’t accept dinosaurs are no better than those who can’t accept God or that something can come from what appears to be nothing. To deny one is to deny the other.  Both are uneducated and both are leading people away from the truth.

It is in my opinion that combining both of these human expressions will lead us into a deeper knowledge of self and the universe and that the world we currently live in will be child’s play compared to the discoveries that lay ahead of us. Discoveries that we have yet to even dare dream because of the separation of Science and religion.



If you want to catch a glimpse of the future check out Creationist Evolution, the truest theory of evolution that I have ever heard and a starting point we should pick up where this is leading us. I also think that quantum physics is a great starting point. I know that I didn’t get too detailed but I wanted to make a basic outline and have you the people carry the torch.


11/17/10 4:30 PM



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