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Rastafari Factor

If it wasn’t for my learning experience in the M.O.C.A. and the N.O.M.S. I would not have been able to comprehend the revelation of the Rastafarian of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I and Christ in his kingly character.


I unlike most people did not hear about this message from Bob Marley but from a different prophet, a black punk rocker Moses named H.R. from the Bad Brains. It was at that moment that I was drawn to the message of Love and of the King of Kings. A few years later I met a man named Beats and a woman named Lady Lee who both though not together opened my eyes to the compassion and the truth of the Rastafarian movement without force. So I went out and researched both the movement and the man himself. After a two dreams and reading the teachings of His Majesty, the Kebra Negast, the Orthodox Bible and other books I came to agree with the Orthodox Rastafarians that Haile Selassie I was divine through his relationship with Jesus the Christ, the H.I.M. was a father figure to be respected as a flesh and blood iconography, the he gave a glimpse into the Kingdom of God here on earth and that all worship goes to Jah and Jah only. But the Rastafarian movement much like the Moorish movement allows people to find the truth for themselves and express it for themselves. One must not only know the teachings but also live the teachings it must become your way of being. Which can cost you friends, loved ones, and even parents, but they will be replaced by true lovers of the Almighty. As in Buddhism there is no wrong or right way to view Selassie, the Bible and other theories that go with the movement. You will find many different teachings, people of all races and even other styles of music besides reggae, dancehall and ska expressing the truth of One Love, of how we are all an aspect of God and have a responsibility to act as Kings and Queens which we are.


I also found a lot of similarities between the Moors and the Rasta’s. They both started out, as black liberation movements then became a world movement embracing all peoples thus allowing them to change the world one person at a time on all levels of society. Love, Truth, Justice, Peace, and Beauty are the foundations of both movements.


Now what of the two dreams? The first dream I had was that I was at Mecca and I saw Noble Drew Ali standing in front of me and he took me by the hand and lead me to Ethiopia, he told me that I had learned much but needed to further my education. That I belonged to Ras Tafari as much as I belonged to him. He reminded me about his teachings about Islam and Christianity. Then he looked up, a beam of light covered him and he was gone.

A couple of nights later after smoking a lot of Ganja I had another dream. I was in a long hall and all either side of the hall stood holy people through out the universe some I knew some I did not. At the end of the hall I saw an empty throne a man came from behind the throne and sat on it. He spoke but I couldn’t hear his voice so I walked closer until I could see him, it was Haile Selassie I with the world in his right hand and a scepter in his left. I moved closer until my ear was pressed against his lips. I still heard nothing I took a step back and his face kept changing from his own face and to that of Christ’s face or my perception of Christ’s face. Then he looked up, a beam of light came and he was gone, the hall empty. I woke up changed.


After that life seemed to be different. The world had changed or at least I did. I am thankful for the gift that has been giving to me.









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