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Having heard the media and Hillary Clinton give their rants on how disruptive and dangerous those who run are I had to see it for myself. As I read what was on the screen in front of me trying to remember that some people want this site to be considered a terrorist act I did not come to that conclusion. What I saw was a true American exposing the real thoughts of our government on many issues and many other world leaders. It reads like high school girls list of people she likes and people she hates. It amazed me at how simple-minded these people really are.

We the average people of this country should than for having the courage to be real journalists. They took a huge risk but I think it was well worth it. Now we can see how secure we are. It’s a look into gritty history instead of the glossy history we force fed every day. Even though the powers that be condemn the leak they might as well get used to it. If they shut down another website and devoted people will hack in or get this information to show to the world. This is the future; the Iron Curtain of the United States is coming down showing the belly of the beast. Maybe our leaders will think before they speak and have it written in ink.

This document is what freedom of press is all about. We have the right to know what is going on. Every detail should be in the open or it shouldn’t exist at all. I find it appalling that this administration has the gall to consider this a terrorist attack. The truth hurts but the truth will always surface whether it is now or fifty years from now. I am grateful that it happened so that everyday people will take a harder look at Old Uncle Sam and see that our best interests is further from the hearts of these political pirates.

Thank you; thank you for being true Americans.

11/29/10 8:31 PM



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