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A thought before the fire

As tension grows between North Korea and South Korea, between Israel and Palestine, and in all other parts of the world. Let us take a moment to stop and think. Is this the path we want to continue down knowing that nothing good will come of it. War only leads to the spread of hate, which will manifest into violent action. What if we try to talk our problems out? What if we do not allow ourselves to have enemies?  What if we pick ourselves up from our bootstraps and transform our ideas of a peaceful society into a real manifestation. Why can’t we reach our ideals? Is the current mode of existing that great that all other options are taking off the table?

I believe that humans have the ability to have true peace on earth. Humans have it within themselves to put aside petty difference and to create the Kingdom of God as some say on earth here and now. All humans need to do is to make conscious effort and pass that effort to the next generations so that they will pass it down the line until the peaceful way of existing is just the normal mode of being. The future deserves better than the broken mindset we are giving them.

Some may say that what I am talking about is not possible, or not real just a dream out of reaches. I call these people lazy not willing to try a new approach to life. Many people will hide behind religion or science in order to keep this world going because they want humans to fail to prove themselves wrong or right. I say lets not find out, lets just do what will benefit the human family as a whole here now and forever.

Let us all start today in building a tomorrow founded in peace, love, and understanding.


12/6/10 8:03 PM



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