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Christmas National Holiday

I myself find it strange that in a country which has freedom of all religions we only have one which gets a national holiday. This would be Christmas but why only Christmas? Don’t all religious days deserve the equal attention? Especially, when for the Christian religion Easter is the most important day not the birth of Jesus the Christ. So what are we to do about this? I propose that either all holidays will become national days off so that everyone can enjoy their feasts, celebrations, and get together without working. Or turn Christmas into a normal day and let people who want to celebrate it do so after or before they go to work or school. I find both these solutions reasonable. Otherwise we are inadvertently placing one religion above all others making it appear that the other faiths are somewhat not as valid as the Christian faith. Some may like this idea others may not but it seems the only solution for the Christmas vs. Holiday debates that have been raging on for the past five or six years.


12/7/10 7:09:14 PM



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