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Julian: Not Guilty

The governments of the world have banded together to frame the President of saying that he raped a woman or maybe more without using protection. Sweden was the one that has a warrant for his arrest. I am not surprised at the least since Julian is not just a threat to the United States but to the world governments at large. He can spill the beans on any official at any time.

On the good side said they would continue to publish the truth whether Julian is around or not which deserves our applause. Though I am sure that some mindless people will fall for the current propaganda and fight these crusaders for truth.

Also, a debate is on the scene about Julian and his ilk. Are they anarchists or freedom fighters? I would have to say that anarchists are freedom fighters so that would make them both.

I said it ounce and I’ll say it again, when you do what is right for the common man they will either discredit you or kill you.


12/7/10 7:00:41 PM



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