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Holiday Parties

One thing I dislike about the holidays is the holiday party. Everyone gets together and pretends to be best of friends for a day. Even though ounce the party is over and all the holidays pass it will be business as usual gossip, hate, and rumor mill and all the other family/ work bullshit. What bothers me even more is when you don’t wish to participate in the party how people treat you. As soon as they know you are serious they start to treat you as if you are subhuman giving you dirty looks and asking you a million and one questions all pertaining to why you don’t want to be involved. Instead of telling them the truth that it is all bullshit and I wouldn’t spend a holiday with them even if they were the last people on earth I just tell them I don’t celebrate the holidays which is also true. That just gets them more confused and more annoyed. So I spend an uncomfortable December being even more uncomfortable because people can’t respect people enough to let them do, as they will.

What really bothers me is that most people I know don’t believe in the actual faith of any holidays but they want all the goodies that go with it. Number one goodie seems to be free food so these people try to con you into participating with the notion that as soon as they mention free food you come to your senses and join the rest of the pack. In fact every non-religious person has come up to me with that flag waving in my face. But I never take free food from anyone or anything I have a job so I like every other adult buy my own food. But these people get all weird out, annoyed and somewhat violent when I tell them this. No matter if it’s a cook out or whatever it may be I don’t take free food if I can’t earn it then I don’t want it. The only people that have the right to want free food are the homeless. These people don’t see it that way so they too treat you as if you are subhuman.

Now if you enjoy holiday party’s I am not trying to stop you from going out and having fun. All I am doing is just showing another perspective in the hopes that when you ask someone else to join your get together and a person declines that you don’t get all huffy puffy about it. Instead you just nod calmly and go about your day as if it was another day. I know I am not the only one that feels the way I do many people have their own reasons and if you ask nicely I am sure they will tell you.


So whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate have a happy and safe season.


12/15/10 4:14 AM



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