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Assassinate Julian?

As I watched the news I couldn’t believe what I heard that Julian the founder needed to be treated as a terrorist and that Obama should be a hit out on him to be assassinated. Are you kidding me? We who live in the United States have a thing called the first Amendment that states that we have the right to information and that the government does not have the right to interfere. Freedom of speech is for everyone whether you are a journalist or an average person who gets a hold of information and puts it out for everyone to see. We are founded on a basic principle of openness, which our government tries to fight tooth and nail so that they can continue to do things behind the backs of the American people.

The very idea of assassinating someone just because he put the truth out there for everyone to see is ridiculous. Is this how we are to answer our problems? If we don’t like it we kill it. I am always shocked by how “civilized” human beings will resort to violence to get what they want as long as the violence isn’t coming there way. Everyone is out for blood calling crucify but why? Is it because they themselves don’t have the guts to stand for anything? Maybe they are jealous that someone is ready to risk it all for the betterment of the human race.  Or could it be that they themselves know that they are in the wrong and know that they might be on a list and have to try to silence the voice before it exposes them as the wicked people that they are. Even if Julian was killed all that would do is make his voice stronger.

Violence has gotten us nowhere in these few thousands of years of human existence. Maybe we should try a new approach. Find out why he did and if you get an answer you don’t like examine yourself.  He should be a clue if anything that people don’t trust the governments because they shouldn’t trust the government. Maybe the big man on the hill can take a note and let the average people in on what’s really going on. Let the average people in on some of the decision making only then can any country survive. To ignore the people, to do back door deals will only lead to your ultimate demise.

History tells us that when people don’t trust the government and have good reason not to. And that said government does nothing to change for the better of its people, the people will ban together and over throw the powers that be. It happened in 1776 and it will happen again.


12/22/10 12:02 AM



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  1. This is wonderful blog. I love it.

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