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Baby Boomers wake up

Lately I have been hearing many in the Baby Boom generation complain about having to work later in life and having to pay the United States debt off. They say its not far but I think it is fair considering the baby Boom generation has been running the economy since the 1960’s and it is that very generation that has put us in the mess we are now in. If it weren’t for the Baby Boomers we wouldn’t be in the economic downfall that we are currently in. For better or for worse society has catered to the whims of that generation until exhausting. Those who can’t see this have to be blind. Just go back look at the abuse of credit cards, look at the abuse of working two jobs, and even the destruction of the American family is a direct result if there inabilities to be responsible. Now that we are in the muck and they are old they just want to walk away from what they created and hand the mess over to the next generation. The problem with that is the next generation doesn’t have enough people to support or to clean up the mess we have been forced into.  The 1960’s generation never did grow up so why should the future have to suffer? The truth is if the deficit isn’t cleared within the next 10 to 20 years then future generations will be full of poverty because there will be no way out of the mess created by there parents, grandparents or even great grandparents. So when I hear people from that era complain it makes me laugh because they still refuse to grow up and be adults. They still don’t want to deal with consequences of there actions. The hippie dream is over but they just wont let it go.

1/18/11 4:41 AM



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