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Whites that embrace black spiritual culture

I am writing this to those white people who have embraced a way of life that stems from the Black empowerment movement. To all my white brothers and sisters within the Five per centers, Rastafari, Black Jews and the Moorish Science, or the Moorish Orthodox Church. Our existence within these movements seems to be debated over and over again. So I thought that I would throw my pennies in for those interested. If you are not interested, than just skip to the next topic.

We must first come to terms that the way of life which we have found to free our souls from the chains that have bound us mentally were first placed together for those bound both physically and mentally. Just because we can see the truth within these movements doesn’t mean we deserve a piece of the pie. It instead places a larger responsibility since we can operate more easily within the system we must do more to help the cause as much as we can. Without pushing the movement into an unnatural direction. Too many white people get into these modes of existence fall in love with it and then try to push it in a way that the original creators of the movement did not want nor wish. We can only do as much or as little as our black brothers and sisters want us to do. It is there trod so they must be in charge. We do not know what is best and must in many ways take a back seat unless otherwise asked or directed.

Often I see white people trying to hijack these movements by claiming some distant blackness and that they know the struggle. True we all go through different struggles we do not know the ideological, and physical struggle that others experience from the time they are born to the time they die. Our own people either of reverse discrimination or hatred place our struggle upon us because we may look or act differently that the other whites. Racism does not only exist between two races but also within each race. As a youth with dark olive skin tone growing up in an all Irish pale skin town I had many run ins with my neighbors which lead to much bloodshed and pain. Which happens within all races.

We must also recognize that we may cause damage to the movement without knowing it. So we must be careful.

To those who are thinking of joining know that it is not an easy task. You will always be the outsider looking in. Even if you are accepted by some you wont be accepted by all and the ones that do accept you will treat you more like a child than an equal member. Not all but some will for we are the offshoots of the original black people of Eden.

At times you will get discouraged but remember always why you were called and how fortunate you are to be accepted within the fold. But don’t pretend to be something you are not that wont win you any points. You will be tossed aside quicker than you could blink if you pretend to be something you are not.

Whenever someone asks me about my position within these modes of life I always tell them to turn to the book of Ruth the gentile woman yearning to be grafted into the Israelites. I can relate because that is us, we whites are the gentiles the Blacks are the Israelites. Ruth said, “Do not ask me to leave you, or turn back from following you; for wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you lodge I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. And wherever you die, I will die, and there I will be buried”. (Ruth 1:16-18) It goes on to say more but I will let you fid it and read it for you but I put the part that best reflects our standing. We have left our own people for another but we must always know that we are dual symbols. We are a symbol of hope because we are the few whites that have not bought into the lie but we are also a symbol of oppression and no matter what we do or so this will always be the case.

Now some may be saying what of equality my answer to that is there is equality in these movements but that doesn’t change certain facts and our place within these facts. The original man is black, and then came the brown, then the red, then the yellow, and then the white. We are the babies of the human family and we have much to learn.  This does not make us inferior but I hope it helps you to understand the attitude that meets you when you encounter your brothers within these movements.

If I was able to help I am glad if I need to write more please let me know. I have left this open ended because I am hoping this will start the ball rolling for further communication between whites and blacks within these movements and so that both sides may have better communication for a better tomorrow. I also would like to hear others thoughts on this topic. If you are apart of any of the said movements or one I did not mention please drop a line I would love to hear your story.

To a brighter tomorrow.


The most we can hope for is to be righteous Gentile as they say no matter what movement you follow that is the best thing you can achieve in the sight of God.



2 Responses to “Whites that embrace black spiritual culture”

  1. Islam & Greetings,

    We found your post to be very interesting as we would like your permission to post it on our blog and FB. People should be aware of the mind set here as in bringing about a better understanding. Also would you be interested in coming on our show as a guest to speak about the Moorish Orthodox Church and explain its mission and history as The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 is open to dialog further. We leave you in Peace & Love

    • Islam,
      I thank you for your positive words and have no problems with you using my blog on your blog and FB. As far as the show I would like to know what kind of show it is,whether it is radio or television. I would be happy to to answer any questions you have concerning the M.O.C., on FB there is a M.O.C. page which is centered in dallas Texas you may want to talk to them as well.
      Please stay in touch
      May the road rise with you and may Peace and Love spring wherever you go.
      Bekle Berhane

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