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Unrest in Egypt

As I watch the news about Egypt, seeing the people riot, and seeing a young man being shot by the authorities. I understand why they are doing what they are doing but I can’t help to think that there is an alternative way to take down your government. A way of protest and Civil disobedience. To shed blood seems such a waist of effort and life.

The government seems to be taking these riots with a grain of salt. They are beating down the young while they are laughing and ignoring the warnings that people want a change. America has backed up the current leader who was a heavy-handed leader while promoting an idea of Democracy. It seems that America has ounce again put itself in a bind.

The unrest seems to be rippling through the Arab world and I hope a leader will rise with a peaceful solution instead of a blood hungry George Washington type.

We must remember that Egypt in many ways is the head of the Arab world so whatever happens in Egypt usually spreads like wild fire.



4 Responses to “Unrest in Egypt”

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