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When you have God

What I found surprising is that when you accept God into your life, how quickly people turn against you. Even if they don’t know you have accepted God into your life act differently around you. As if a new light shines through your body. People that you thought had God in their lives turn against you when they don’t have God in their lives.

When I accepted the Lord into my life I was shocked at how quickly those who love the night turned against me. It was almost immediate. They slandered me; they treated me as if I was fool. They hid behind degrees and so-called logic anything not to be believed in the word. Because when you accept the Lord and His word you have to put aside foolish actions and foolish thoughts. People in these days want to believe that you can do and say whatever you feel like as long as its not hurting anyone else. But that way of thinking is leading us down a spiral towards destruction. If we keep to the laws of God we wouldn’t be having half the problems we are having. What’s worse is that I live in the United Stated of America a country that claims to love God in all the religions of people. Yet, when I look around I see people have all faiths being persecuted by the secular minority.  I often wonder what happened and how did it get to the point where the very mention of God turns otherwise nice people into raving animals. Is the devil that embedded in the hearts of man?

All I can do is pray that people will accept God into their lives before they death comes to take them to his presence and judgment comes down. I am not saying I am perfect, nor do I preach but if someone asks me I speak the truth and that where people turn against me. This does not discourage me instead it confirms the Holy Word because this is exactly what God says would happen. The ignorant reject the truth and adopt the lie.

May you go and find the truth brothers and sisters I the human family.




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