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Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church

The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Orthodox Church is a mansion of Rastafari that has been over looked for sometime now. It started as a split from the Ethiopian World Federation back in the mid 1940’s. From that point on it became one of the most recognized mansion and must successful. In a few short years they had the Coptic Times news paper, and an actual church. They allowed white members who were called Gentiles while the black members were Israelites. They also preached that Marcus Garvey was the savior of humanity and not Haile Selasssie I, which lead to other Rastas staying away from them. By the 1970’s they has an all white offshoot in miami Florida. They had fields of marijuana plants and employed many Jamaica. By the 1980’s they had legal status to smoke pot on the Church property because it was a religious right. Soon they were on CBS  and by the late 80’s they government took away the right for them to smoke and arrested many of them. Some are still in Jail while others left the church. Those who remained went deep underground and some started offshoots. The church still exists today and is lead by Carl E.Olson.

If you would like to learn more go to this site is about Brother Louve the founder of the EZCC. is the CBS interview that was aired. an Article by Barbara Black Hannah about Niah possible original founder of this sect.


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  7. Hey there. I am looking for copies of the Coptic Times and would be willing to pay for them! Does anyone know where I can find copies? Please email me at

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