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To Freedom in the Arabic World

To all my Arabic brothers and sisters, fighting for freedom. I feel the need to warn you that the ideals of the American republic such as freedom of speech, freedom the press, and so on are only ideals. No government will allow true freedom to flourish. At least none based on Republic, Socialism, Democracy (though this had the best potential) or Communism. These forms of government are all based on a central power and that power will grow and grow as time passes. This is why Thomas Jefferson believed that the people need to revolt every ten to twenty years because if the people do not keep Revolution fresh in their minds and blood they will slowly degrade into that which those who revolted fought against. Take the United States; they fought England because of unfair taxes now the people of the United States who did not take Jefferson advice are now in the same boat as those forbearers.  But as of yet the people have been conditioned to accept this so they have not revolted because they no longer have the will to do so. This is the mentality that happens over a long period of time.

The future of people who do not revolt is one of exploitive existence. Exploited in there day to day lives and the past because great propaganda to use against the people. The past revolution will be used to remind them and to fool them that they are better than before even if they are in the same exact place as those who fought.

My suggestion would be to form a society with no central government. Also, do not allow people to be able to spend an entire lifetime as an elected official. I would say study various forms of Anarchism or Libertarianism to base your new foundations upon. But the future is yours; do with it, as you will.



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