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Time Travel

I came to the idea of time travel as everyone does in there young days before reality kicks you in the buttocks and you realize real life doesn’t work that way. But as I got older I started to understand that reality works on our perception of what is and isn’t. So many of us our programmed to believe that the world is as it is and has always been this way. This type of thinking has leaded us down some dismal holes and what we have found is insanity.

Anyone who has studied spirituality knows that our reality is fluid. It’s not as fixed as we are taught. Through years of meditation, astral projection, and other such studies as well as reading every Alchemical manuscript and Holy Book I could I decided to try time travel. I won’t get into any great methods because simplicity is always the best. The idea of time travel is not one were I use a car or some sort of ship but instead I use my astral body. Seeing as the astral world is outside of time yet flows with time it became known t me that I could pierce into any era I wished. At first I could not go further than my physical birth year nor could I go hundreds of years in the future but with persistence I was able to do such feats. Now a note to consider is that when you astral project you always have to be aware of your physical body, if you are not aware of your time and stay outside the body too long the body will cease to exist. I say this because you might leave at midnight your time but you can arrive at any year or time for instance nine A.M. in the year 1883 and you must be aware of the history of day light savings to have an accurate read on your physical shell.

When you pierce through time you have only two options, one is to remain a spirit like being in that era and merely watch. Two, you can cohabit a persons body, to do this you must be stealth and not allow the conscious one to be aware of your presence. Of course if you find a person sleeping you can enter that body and as long as that person remains in a sleeping state you can use and control that persons body but if the person starts to awake best to either leave or lull them back to sleep. The reason is you cannot have two wills controlling one body and that would lead to struggle and possible insanity. I do not recommend going into any animals body for many reasons but the main one is that animals are more aware of things unseen than we are so it is usually more difficult and more dangerous, it is also easy to lose track of time since animals don’t have clear enough brains to process that concept.

I did not write this is a how to but as my own thoughts and experience on the matter. I will from time to time write my going on and experiments with ones such as these and I will also try to keep you up dated on my further exploration in this field as well. Those who are learned will find it an asset while those who are not learned will most likely take me for a prankster or an imaginative goose as they say. I hope you enjoyed my little introduction of sorts.

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