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States of Unrest

As revolution sweeps through Africa and the Middle East I feel sorry that people feel the need to use violence in order to get such a change. Many lives are being lost and will continue to be lost as long as humans use primitive bloodthirsty means. Civil disobedience as demonstrated by Gandhi and Martin Luther King can just as well if not more effective to bring about change.

While uprisings are taking place some believe that Europe or America should step in. that the west needs to police each country that is currently or may ever be in conflict in order to keep some level of peace. How can any Western country dare police another piece of property when the West can barely bring such Utopia to its own people within its own boarders? The Western World needs to allow history to happen on its own by the people that it directly affects first. To step in and engage in someone else’s problem is only to cause more problems for you. This has been a fact for some fifty years now if not longer. Keep your eyes on your own backyard not someone else’s.

For better or for worse the world is changing. It will either change for the better or for the worse. We will only know ounce these events have come to pass.



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