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Half World

The world we experience in our day to day lives is only a half reality. Science says that our brains filter out 90% of what our eyes actually see and only allow what we have been trained since birth to see. The half of life we don’t see is the spiritual world which we have been taught is either a myth or that you must die to get into that realm. I find this notion strange, why not enjoy both the physical and the spiritual worlds here and now. Through forms of meditation one can rain themselves to be in both worlds at the same time. One does not have to deny one for the other which many people have taught through the ages. We are meant to be whole so why not become whole?

2 Responses to “Half World”

  1. true, agree…

    love your blog, your poetry is impressive!
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    Thanks, we value your support. xxx

    welcome back, loved your presence.

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