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Chaos: It doesn’t have to be this way

The chaos of this current age is not random.  It is not merely people acting out. It is thought up and put into motion by our governments. They do this because they need control over our minds. The powers of the world need you to believe that the way the world is how it must always be. So every so often they allow lynching, wars, riots, serial killers, assassinations and holocausts happen. Not only do they allow it to happen but also they pick and mold the people who do these acts. People like Hitler, Stalin, Son of Sam, and Booth are made over years and years of brainwashing. Also the leaders of our current world are molded from birth by the powers that be over years and years. In fact they are currently controlling the destiny of the world but people are too lazy to want to see it. As long as people buy into the ways of the powers, as long as people dare not question anything but brainlessly go with the program than no true human achievement will come into being. The dreams of the few  “radicals” who wanted to live in peace and harmony will never come to be.

Submission is never good for the people. It is only good for those who believe they should be the keepers of other people’s destinies. They claim to care for the average person but if this was true than why is the average person always denied the basic freedoms its representatives claim they have? You can never trust a schemer no matter how sharply they are dressed or how well they speak. Peace cannot be worked on it can only be done. Either you want peace from this second on and make this peace happen or you don’t want peace and you are happy to settle for misery from this point out. Those who want to ease into a harmonious existence will never achieve it. Only those who thrust themselves into the wave will come out with the dream as a reality.

The way to bring down such current evils is not through war but through civil disobedience. Boycott that which is deemed unfair. Destroy businesses, institutions, governments, and anything else that stands in the way of peace. The boulders can either roll over to our side or be rolled to the side by the majority.

Now the beasts will come with brute force but our ground must be stood. The truth is never covered by lies, we hold the truth and we shall conquer the lies of all the world governments. We have already won we simply do not know it yet. Then as the monsters are driving out we can finally proclaim Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last.



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