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Today I’m Muslim Too

I find it strange that the White House found the need to tell the United States that not all Muslims are terrorists. Strange because I am certain that most people know this already or have the people of the States become so paranoid that they need a big brother to tell them who is safe who isn’t? As if Islam is the only faith that has ever had a radical side. Have we forgotten about the radical Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and other faiths? One need to only open a book to see that at one point in time every faith has had a radical side.

Peter King says that the Muslim community needs to work with the law enforcement. The problem I see with that is that the law enforcement treats many Muslims as animals or at least subhuman. Helping them only when it inconveniences someone of the non-Islamic faith. You can’t trust the law, which openly hates you. This administration needs to stop ethnic profiling. Also, the law will help a convert to Islam faster than a middle-eastern person who happens to be Muslim. Most likely because they can excuse a convert as wanting to get some ethnic pussy or dick and it shows that they are not racist. But we know the truth.


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