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Capitalism must end

The reason why capitalism must end is because capitalism crushed the middle and lower class people in order to keep the wealthy few in a comfort zone, which most people will never know. Jobs give the hardest workers the least money while the laziest people that do the less physical work get more money. Also, capitalism picks and chooses favorites and pins workers against one another. While the workers fight among each other they give these workers a higher and higher work load asking for the impossible and if you cannot deliver the impossible they will let you go in a heart beat in order to higher someone else for less money or to keep your share of money for themselves. In the past six years most jobs gave nothing to their workers due to the economy but now that raises are coming around they are giving only 18 to 20 cents, some more some less. They the capitalist doesn’t care if you can afford the skyrocketing gas prices nor do they care if you have food to eat or a roof over your head. In fact when these fat pigs have board meetings you are only known as the number the assign you. You have no name they look at you not as a human but as a tool or worse yet like an animal. You are just something taking up space that they view they should have. They even sell water so that one day the only way you will get clean water is to buy it at an arm and a leg price. If they could sell air and make it so the masses couldn’t breath they would do it in a heartbeat.

Capitalism is the most heartless self-centered society that is now out of date. Only the lazy the greedy cling to such a society because they don’t want to pull their weight. They don’t want to pay their share of the taxes nor do they want to help the poor. Another problem is how these devils try use the Bible and education to brainwash the masses that this is how it should be. But anyone who has ever read the bible especially the New Testament that advocates communal living that shared everything. Sounds more like Communism than Capitalism. Only evil people can sleep well as they destroy the lives of millions and horde wealth. The concept of private property makes me laugh seeing as how can you own land? Worse yet is the gated communities that keeps everyone but the chosen few out. We, the everyday people need to take down those gates get rid of the idea of property ownership and start to live the dream of communal living. If we were to do this violence would go down. Racism would end sooner or later because only Capitalists want people to hate each other. Communal living is a step towards peace, not perfection because we all have our flaws but we should be able to keep one another in line with decency and respect that has left the human race because that does not fit the Capitalist ideal. They the Capitalists need wars need hatred in order to blind and swindle the masses into slavery. Everyone that works in Capitalist country is a slave, which is used then put out to die ounce you get to a certain age.

This current system even allows doctors to experiment on the very young and the retired in order to improve operations for the wealthy. Are we not all equal children of the Most High? Though most Capitalist don’t believe in God another way to deny responsibility of there fellow homo sapiens.  Isn’t my life just as important as a tycoon’s life? To me it is but not to the tycoon and they are trying to force this idea on us.

This “Big Brother” government must come to an end. It is our current government that sells our futures to the highest bidder and allows these Capitalist to destroy the world.

As you walk around your city or town. As you go through your day-to-day life are you happy with the way things are?  Wouldn’t you want to live in a peaceful equal society with true justice



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