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Tag Day (St.Patrick’s Day)

As most people ware green and get drunk with shamrock necklaces doing all kinds of perverse things in honor of this saint. My Moorish brothers and I will be keeping another age-old tradition called Tag Day. What is Tag Day you might ask? Well, let me tell you. Tag day is the day were we of the Moorish Orthodox Church get together and dress up like people from the middle east, usually in ancient Persian wardrobe then we run through the streets playing tag, getting drunk and doing all sorts of perverse things as well in some cases. But before we play tag we first recite the story of Mister Patrick to remember how he kicked the Moors (snakes) out of Old Ireland. I have writing a short little poem to honor the occasion.

Saint Patrick was no saint at all

He drove the Moors away from Ireland

Plunging the people into darkness

Destroying their true origin

Remembering not that they be Persians

They took the name that was giving by the half bloods

And called themselves Celts

Until a Moor came with correction

Reminding the Celts that they are truly Asiatic Persians

In honor of this day they play Tag

This is how Patrick erased their memories

And this is how they were awoken again


So to everyone who reads this have a happy and safe Saint Paddy Tag Day.


I know I’m posting this after the fact but I was having too much fun to post the day of. Sorry




2 Responses to “Tag Day (St.Patrick’s Day)”

  1. Nice blog!! keep up the nice style, it’s nice to see writer’s like you these days. Most people can’t write for crap loL! anyways take care cya around

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