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The True Survivors

As we sit here in our cozy societies with cars and radios. As we sit in front of the soft glow of a television and computers. As we wrestle with the meaning of life and sending rockets to far off planets. We think ourselves the pinnacle of human existence. Rushing off to work to acquire paper, which we put a value on, buy and sell trinkets of what we need or what we want. Rushing through life with time consuming bullshit that in the grand scheme of things means absolutely nothing. While all this goes on we are unaware of how fragile and fake our existence truly is. We think nothing bad will happen our ideals will go forever. Putting aside the history of our past that tells us that all civilizations must and will ultimately fail and fall. We convince ourselves that nothing like that will ever happen or at least not in my lifetime. But we are wrong, as we can see the end of the United States is at hand. Soon it will be apart of someone’s history book with a chapter or two. The world will move on as those who cling to hope get pushed to background of a new beginning. Civilization as we have seen on the grand scale ends in annihilation. We the civilized, the artist, great thinkers, and the nameless masses are not survivors. The true survivors are those we shun or look at as if they are an anomaly. They are the nomads of the world. Those who did not move beyond the hunting gathering period. They have been around since the first great Civilization in Mesopotamia and will continue long after the last civilization has petered out. They will remain as they have always remained, untouched by the so-called Modern World. We should be looking towards them for the answers not laughing, mocking, or simply ignoring. The tribal/Nomadic people of the world are those who live, as humans should one with the natural rhythms of the world. If not just the world than the universe as well. They never take more than they need; they never abuse the natural resources of our beloved earth. They hold the answers to a great way of living.

Maybe one day we the civilized will wake up from our dream world and return to the Genesis way of life. The reality of life. When it is simply the universe and we, maybe then all of our questions will be answered. All of our worries and problems will vanish and the fast speed life will return to the calm mundane life of how it should have always been. It still will not be perfect but it will be as we were designed to be by our Creator. Only in these hunting gathering communities will we come the closest ounce again to actual peace and justice.

We must make the Exodus not out of a land but out of a dream and into reality.


The Nomads the tribes the primitives always survive.



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