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White girl obsession

One thing I find strange about the culture of the United States is the white girl obsession. It seems that every guy whether they are white or not will walk on water if that means that they have a shot at being with a white woman. And woman who are not white are held up to white women as some sort of guideline. I find this strange because we have slogans such as Black is Beautiful. Yet as soon as a black male becomes successful he ditches his goddess for a white woman, not just black guys but almost every successful male of every group ends up with a white woman on his arms. Now I know at one time having a white woman was a status symbol. But in these days why is that still the case? Why are white women still held up as a symbol of perfect beauty? Why do female products do everything they can to make non-white woman look whiter than they otherwise would? Even Mediterranean woman are suppose to look whiter but why?

I guess it has to do with the United States still carrying on a white is right type of attitude. BY white I mean Northern Europeans because that is what people think of when they think of beauty, thin body, blue eyes, blond hair or light brown hair with very light skin tone. Now that might have been the ideal at one time but since then women of other ethnicities have come on the scene. Most who are much more sophisticated looking than these white women. Still the United States does not allow them to show off what makes them sexy instead they keep trying to fool the masses, mostly men, that the twiggy look is still the rave. Unfortunately most men fall for it and pressure women to look an unnatural way. Even magazines that say they are for Black, Asian, or some other non-white peoples either have white women in them or have the women in there ethnicity that looks the closest to the United States Ideal.  So why have these magazines at all? Are they not just causing more harm?

The only way this obsession can change is if the non-white women of the world have a greater say in what gets put out there. Lets face it men are not going to do it willingly they will always cling to the Tyra Banks and Beyonce’s of the world which to me are not true representatives of there ethnicity due to the fact that they are of mixed heritage which should be a different category all of its own. Let the pure African, pure Asian, pure Mediterranean women stand tall with there unique qualities and show them for the world to see.

Now some will argue that we have made great progress but have we? If you look at magazines from the 1950’s and look at them now are they still not the same? So they may have different skin tone or show more skin but the basic concept is the same white women are the best and if you are not then you should do your best to look as they do. As the editors praise themselves for being innovators and leveling the playing field I have to scoff and say that they have not gone far enough and that we need to examine what beauty is independent of Northern European Ideals.

I did not write this to give any specific answers or even give a clue. I wrote this simply because I thought it needed attention. If anyone has any input I would be glad to read it.


6 Responses to “White girl obsession”

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  2. Thank you for saying something cause I definitedly felt the same way. I am a non-white women and it is clear to see how ppl treat me compared to my white female friends. Hopefully this article will land on yahoo news.

    • I am glad you enjoyed my article and it would be nice if it landed on yahoo or at least used as a topic for discussion, I found myself compelled to say something since hardly anyone talks about it but it’s right in our faces all the time. Feel free to use this article and spread it around to your friends.

  3. “Pure Mediterranean women” are just a variation of White woman.

    • The reason why I considered Mediterranean women non-white is because I was thinking more of Sicilians and Southern Greeks which have much more Arabic and Northern African Blood in the mix than many care to mention and because many of them have suffered similar prejudices in our society as women of color. So though they are a form of White they are not the ideal prized white that everyone goes gaga over.

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