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Women be responsible

I often hear women complain about not being taking seriously by men. How men look at them as sexual object and noting more. I look at these women and notice that most of these women dress in such manners that of course men are not going to take you seriously. If you are wearing pants that say juicy on your ass or shirts cut so low that your tits are almost popping out or in same cases do what do you expect? If women are not wearing these clothes then they are wearing clothes that are either so tight that you know what they look like naked or skirts so short that it barely covers anything.

Women if you want to be seen more than a sexual object you have dress a bit modest. Don’t wear clothes that market you as a whore nor dress like the local prostitute. Try clothes that are not too tight but not too lose, you don’t have reveal your body at every opportunity. The clothes can fit but just don’t over do it.  Now some women will say they should be able to dress however they feel and that is true all I am asking is that you think before you buy your outfits. Ask yourself do I want to be taking serious or do I want to look like a sex object because how you dress is how you are seen which dictates the attention you get. There is nothing wrong with leaving something to the imagination.


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