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Osama Bin Laden

 As the news spread from person to person that Osama Bin Laden is dead and seeing the joy people expressed as they said this I myself am not sure how to feel. It is good that he cannot hurt anyone ever again but is it something we should rejoice? And do we as those who live in the United States know his whole story? His death brought no one back, the people that are killed are still gone. Has the world even changed? 

 I cannot be happy while murder, rape, holocausts and other sinister actions are continuing though we got rid of one man this does not mean the war is over. This doesn’t mean anything has been gained. In fact in some way Osama got what he wanted, he was a Martyr for his cause which in a weird way makes his more powerful now that he is gone than when he was alive. Those who see him as a hero see him in that light even more while those who hated him will walk away thinking it is all over. No, unfortunately what has happened with the death of this person is only the start of an on going crisis which the United States cannot chase forever. Like the war on drugs the war on terrorism is a phantom which will never be caught. So I will not rejoice his death but I will mourn for those who have died and those who will die in years to come. No great victory is here today.

 Maybe I’m thinking too much. Maybe I just don’t see what other people are seeing or maybe my pacifism is hitting over drive. I’m not sure. 


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