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Mountain of Olives

In the name of the Holy One I now speak to my brothers and sisters of the entire world. I am happy to bring the good news of repentance to my earthly family because the need to repent is not a future need but a right now need. We of faith have remained too quiet on this subject allowing many people to slip through the cracks when we could have prevented them from falling by doing what we are called to do. I am able to write this not because I think I am perfect but because I am imperfect which I bare in my art and life. But the Spirit has come upon me and told me to write to my global family asking them to stop living selfish lives which is destroying the earth more rapidly than ever before. To take the position of Adam before he missed the mark, which was to be a caretaker of the earth and to accept the love of eternal life, granted to us by the mercy of God and through his son Jesus Christ.
Too many people are living selfish worldly lives thinking only of money, sexual needs, and other material idolatry. They are so wrapped up that they do not stop to think that they will die one day and what they sowed will be reaped. Instead of sharing with there fellow humans they hoard. Should one person have a billion dollars living an overly lavish lifestyle while the other has not even a penny to buy a piece of candy? Do you know that at your work, at your school, at your functions, some of those people are starving? Do you think that is right? Christ calls us to put aside all forms of selfish materialism in order to live in peaceful equality with one another. This is what the early members of The Way movement did they lived communally. Something that the world does not want you to do but you must do it. You must change your ways ask for forgiveness because we do not know the hour which Christ will return and the judgment of God will be upon us.
Not only must we change our social structure but we must also change our very hearts and minds. When you accept God in truth then you must cast off the shackles of earthly living. No more saying you are in the spirit of Love when you still have hatred in your heart. It is not going to be easy for those of you who dare to pick up the call but it will be worth it. Even if we must live in small communities on the outskirts of civilization it will be worth it than to burn with weak minded majority who go along with the ride hoping it will last forever only understanding at the last minute of life that the party does come to an end. Do not wait to the end open up your hearts and have a real relationship with the living God, father of the universe and accept the wonderful Master Jesus Christ into your heart. Repent; be baptized by the good shepherd. Find bible-based groups that will help you grow in wisdom and understanding of the spiritual life.
When the hour comes there will be three types of people, the Holiest ones that hear the crisp voice of God and are prepared to go. The ones that was, not as holy but not sinners who know spiritual things but did not have a tight relationship with God but are still called home. Then there will be those who have no clue to what is going because they were too busy living for material pleasure. They shall be left with damnation. This is the hard truth. Are you ready to die today? Are you ready for the Judgment of God to come upon your life? Will you be able to stand before Christ and recognize who he is or better yet have him recognize you? I do not write these things to scare anyone, to offend anyone or even to ruin anyone’s day. No I write this because I love my family for better or for worse and I want to see Heaven overflow with the multitudes. I want to see the will of God the Most High in action on earth but it is up to every individual. You can either live for your own desires or allow many to squander in pain or you can live for the Most High and make his will your will. This is the beauty of Free Will you get to make the decision, a decision that has a Universal impact.

Holy Father
Give the blind the light to see
Open the hearts of the many towards your flame
Give us the strength to live as you designed us to live
We pray in your Holy Name and in the name of your son Jesus the Christ


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