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No laughing Matter

Many times I listing to preachers on the radio or television that do not teach the word of God, they say that they are doing the Father’s will yet they reject any Utopian ideas and any green economic ideas. Yet did not God say to take care of the earth for we Humans are the rulers of this marble and it is up to us in part to aide the creation of the Kingdom of God on earth. Apocalyptic writing is not what is going to happen it is what could happen if we humans do not take our heads out of our Asses.

Justice, Peace, Equality and Love should be the bases of the teaching of everyone. Instead of waiting for something to happen we must make things happen. We must live out what our holy scriptures say. If not, if we sit on the side lines of course the world will get worse and of course the evil that moves will take over. To denounce or to say Peace, Justice, Equality and Love are not true children of God and should not hope to enter the eternal kingdom unless they do what they can now to fight world injustices. Let us do what we can to invite Gods justice not his condemnation.


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