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Power of the Ethiopian Cross

Whenever I wear my Ethiopian Orthodox Cross I always get stares followed by that’s a very powerful symbol, amulet, or whatever they wish to call it that you are wearing. Some of these people are my Rasta brothers and Sisters whom it doesn’t surprise me since they revere H.I.M. Haile Selassie I and most things connected to the Orthodox faith except the church itself. But most of the other people are of different faiths and different Christians so I started to ask myself what kind of power does this cross have? Why are people instantly drawn to it? And what responsibility must I keep in mind by wearing it?
Most people don’t even know Ethiopia has a Church let alone one of if not the oldest Church in Christianity. In fact the Ethiopian Orthodox faith is a perfect blend of early Christians and pre-Talmud Judaism. Of course it would be hard to go in such great detail of how this is but I recommend going on and checking out some of the Masses or if you live close to a church go and see first hand. A new experience always brightens the horizon. Of course I recommend all the Orthodox faith to be checked regardless of Nationality because all the Churches preserve their version of Christianity without alteration. Some things are the same some are different. Now I’m getting off subject.
One of the first questions I get asked is where did you get it? That answer is easy it was at Positive Vibrations in Brockton Massachusetts on Maine Street. The other questions come and this is where it gets tricky because as a person that wears the cross the life of Christ must be brought up. As soon as many people hear the name or anything connected to Jesus the Christ they start to get uneasy and back away. So I must answer the question not with frailty but with ease to let them know that Jesus is compassionate and good. This is when personal testimony comes in on their part then on mine. Some will tell me in great detail or in a wisp of whether they believe or not or that they believe but not anymore or whatever the case may be. Then I must do my part to stand firm in my faith of the Messiah with a voice of explanation and compassion. I never preach I simply talk to them about the power of Christ that must be the real power of the cross. When these people walk away I always say a prayer for them and hope that the Love, Light, and Mercy of God shines upon them and changes them forever.
I must say that the Orthodox faith did change many things of how I look at myself, God, and Christ, and the Church itself. By warring the Cross, learning about Selassie and his Church I have a better and deeper understanding of my place in this world.
I just felt the need to write this little testimony and I hope you all enjoyed it.
May the Lord have mercy and Save us
Holy Father, Holy Might, Holy Immortal, Save us from our own sins.
7/2/11 6:06:28 AM


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