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To my Irish Friends

I was reading about Irish American History and I found it almost amusing that the Irish came here in droves during the 1850’s. They were referred to as white niggers or niggers turned inside out. They cohabited with Black people who then became Smoked Irish and even had mulatto babies openly. If you do some digging you can find tons of information about how badly they Irish were treated and how they were considered the missing link between gorillas and man. In fact, Black people were held at a higher esteem than the low Irish. But in 1916 that all changed since the Irish became Cops or priests in that time they magically became white. People even claimed them to be as Nordic as the English. This is the amusing apart, that whiteness has nothing to with skin tone but with attitude. When the Irish were hard drinking, interracial sexing, all night party dancing they were considered non-white or subhuman. But when the majority became Cops or Priests teaching their children to stop with all that silly life enjoying they became white. American history is telling me that if you want to be in the white majority you have to become boring. Ounce this idea clicked in my head I just started laughing my ass off.
Now the Irish in Ireland are considered to be white only proxy to the dull boring American Irish. So they in the old country can have fun while the Irish in American can only live it up ounce a year on St.Patrick’s Day or by keeping it very low key. Strange but true.


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