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I have been doing a lot of research on how to live a happy and celibate life. I am doing this or will attempt to do this because I believe that we must control our bodies if we are to grow spiritually. I am not sure if this will be a life long arrangement or is this will be for a short while. I am currently still working out the logistics of how I will successfully go through this journey. By celibacy I include masturbation as well as all forms of sexual activities of the both mind and body. It is time that I get closer to the reality of life. Sex for me has become somewhat of a distraction and so I must subdue this beast in order to live a happier and fuller life. I am sure like it was when I gave up soda and junk food hard at first but with time it will become easier and easier. I know many people reading this will think I am crazy but I will try to keep you all posted as I progress. Words of support will be appreciated so please feel free to send those words through e-mail or just by commenting below. Keep me in your prayers.


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