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The Anarchist Question

I am always asked why are you an anarchist? The answer is that it is my belief people will enjoy more of fuller and communal life if we adopted the simple principles of Anarchism. Small government to the point that the only real allegiance you will have is to your town or city in which you live. With your community you will plant, farm, build, make decisions, eat, and drink. It is the way humans were meant to live and it is the only way humans are going to survive. By living simpler closer to earth lives we will value each other more than money in fact I believe money can and should be done away with. With time and basic living I am sure this will be dome. Anarchism forces people to acknowledge that we are all interconnected which has both practical and spiritual implications. Life is valuable.
Capitalism takes away the sense of community by forcing people to work against each other instead of with each other. If you haven’t noticed most people have no value of someone else unless they can get something from them. People will even marry someone just to take what someone else has worked for just so they can have an easier life. There is not one thing redeemable about capitalism because capitalism wants everything from you but wants to give nothing back.
This is a short and simplified answer I give most people. Anarchy for the ever.


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