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What does this world have to offer?

As I reflected on my life and the life of those around me I began to ponder what does this life mean? What does it offer? I saw people going about in their cars, going shopping and doing what we all do on our daily basis. But for some reason everything seemed to be heightened. The uselessness of self-indulgence seemed to stick out like an eye sore. This could be because it was the 4th of July and everyone seemed to be buying everything under the sun just for a few hours of cook out and fireworks. But why? When the next day comes it will be business as usual and no one will seem to care. But should we be living this way? What have we gained? As I reflected on these questions I have concluded that as far as I can see I have gained nothing but a room full of junk and a heap of possessions that mean next to nothing. And in the end I will die and what was the rat race worth? Just a few trinkets? This life has yet to be fulfilling or even worth enjoying. I often think of suicide when I have these reflections because up until now that seemed the only logical way out. But I never did kill myself because I have always heard a voice and felt a pull that would get me out of that state of mind and comfort me. I now believe that voice to be the Holy Spirit working in my life. Now as I reflect a new image comes to mind one of service, of communal living, and of turning my back on society and all it holds dear for a simpler more earthy faith centered life. This is what Christ teaches in the Gospels and this is what the New Testament teaches over and over again. To live a simple faith centered life in a community of like-minded souls with no other motive than to love God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit and to fellowship. To work under the sun but to eat what we have labored in the cool midst of the night. Better still we could live off the kindness of others spreading the Gospel of Christ and receive what the Lord has moved peoples hearts to do. Either way this is what we are called to do by the Lord so why not do it? Sure, it is scary to leave the comforts of this life to go from having so much to having nothing but this is the only way that we as people will see the Revelation of Gods word in our lives. God has always blessed those who have obeyed him and lived simply. Even before David was king of Israel he started out praising God as a simple sheepherder. This is how we are to start our walk with God, if not start than continue. The older I become I feel stronger and stronger to do this so I will. I will be researching communities throughout the United States to see if any communes like this exist and if so to find out how they are living making sure the Bible is the center of their lives as well as worship and to see if they will permit me to join. If I am allowed to I will keep up with what’s going on through this page if not then maybe if someone visits me they can keep you updated, until then God bless and keep you.


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