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The divine laws of the noahide that must be followed by Gentiles puzzle me in one way. The meaning of adultery is different for gentiles than the Jews.
When we read Leviticus we find that the Jewish people must follow a strict code of ethics were as the Noahide do not have to and yet are still considered righteous. The main difference is that the Noahide gentiles can have sex with there neighbors wife or wives and it is considered alright were as the Jews can not.
I find this puzzling because why would God create such vast different interpitation of the law.
We must leave it up to the Rabbis because no none Jewish theologian will even touch this subject which I feel should be touched and enacted upon.
Maybe I will write to a rabbi to ask why there are some vast differences in the interpitation of the law of Noah and the Law of Moses.


3 Responses to “Noahide”

  1. Contact Dr. Michael Schulman at He helped translate the book, “The Divine Code”, which delineates the Noahide laws.

    Be well!

  2. LOL, Are you serious?

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