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Retirement must go

The one thing that people have been talking about lately is retirement and how they feel they deserve to retire. I honestly think the concept of retirement is slightly retarded. The idea that because you lived to a certain age you can become a burden to society while others pay your way is ridiculous I mean unless you are deathly ill in which case your family should take care of you, you have no reason to become a burden. Yet, this is what people have bought into. People should work because it keeps you going, when you stop working this is when you die humans need to occupy themselves with things to do.
Now I am not saying old people have to do back breaking work but they should do something like bag groceries, mop floors, any little thing they can to help society at large. Honestly this idea of Retirement didn’t even exist until near the end of Franklin Roosevelt’s era when he came up with social security. Now that social security along with other aspects of the government are falling apart people are all upset. But the government gave you something you never should have had in the first place. Do you think Adam retired? Do you think people in the Bronze Age retired? No they worked until they physically couldn’t or until they died and I believe people should still live that way. Otherwise you are living in a complete fantasy. In some parts of the world the old can’t retire because they didn’t have enough children, the idea of retirement means the next generation will take care of you but if you don’t have a bigger generation than the one retiring it can’t work. Even when people put some money from their check into the pot it still won’t work because you still need money flowing into the pot. The baby boomers are learning this lesson now. They too are a massive generation that didn’t have more than enough children to ensure that they could retire so they will most likely be the first generation to not have retirement. Which is a good thing in my eyes.
One of the things about being a supporter of SMALLER GOVERNMENT is that you have to embrace the idea 100%. I know people that want a smaller government but then talk about paved roads and retirement as if that is what they are owed. The fact is in a smaller government you wont have plans like retirement or general reforms. Each community will decide for themselves separate from the head government. The main government will be nothing more than a slight figurehead that will help out when two states or countries (as that’s what a state is) have a disagreement. But everything will be based on a local level. The federal government will not exist nor will anything that they may or may not offer. So this is where I am coming from, big government offers everything under the sun at a price that makes you dependant on them that is why retirement is a joke. It makes you completely dependant on the government instead of your local community and or family.
So lets get rid of retirement and pave a brighter and better future.

8/14/11 1:06 PM


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