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My lover doesn’t understand

One thing my lover doesn’t understand is that no woman has ever been able to use sex as a weapon with me. But now she’s going to try because we’ve been together for 4 years she thinks she owns me. The other day she told me that if I don’t shave my beard then no pussy. She then proceeded to prance around the room naked even lay on top of me naked expecting me to try to grab her or something. Trying to prove her feminine powers when it didn’t work to rouse me she then spent the rest of the day making fun of my beard and calling me Charlie Manson, which I found annoying.
The two problems with her flaw are that I have mind control and I can turn myself off just as easily as I can turn myself on. No woman by herself can honestly turn me on or off 100% they may arouse my attention and then from there I decide whether I wasn’t to have sex or not. Just like if I feel like having a quickie I have enough control to make myself ejaculate quick just like I have enough control to make myself last for hours. Either way its all me and my mood. Underestimating my mind control is her first flaw.
Her second flaw is that she’s not the only woman around and if I chose to have sex I can simply go out pick up a lady and have sex. This is a perk about being a man; women no matter what you look like are willing to have sex with you wherever and whenever. I will never understand men that go long periods of time without sex or allow women to use sex against them. I hear it all the time from guys and I’m like hello plenty of pussy to be had. No matter look, dress, facial hair, non-facial hair, young or old it’s great to be a man because we can always get the prize. Women are judged by our standards so women can’t always get sex because we men have unrealistic standards that we hold them to. Now the standard might be different from guy to guy but lets face it we always feel like the one we are with is second best and often times unbeknownst to our conscious minds we let them know it. But it is that unrealistic drive that puts us in the driving seat.
I know this post is probably coming off macho sexist but it is the truth the only men that allow women to use sex against them are men without confidence. So as my lover is trying to prove her point that she is the Alpha in our relationship by puling the old tricks in the book I will be out hunting, fishing, and if the desire comes fucking. Besides she must remember that Charlie Manson had a lot of women around him at all times (laugh)
The one thing I would never do is to rub her face in the fact that I am capable or am doing what I’m doing. Man that do that are foolish just do your business and leave at that.
So this is my battle of the sexes rant I hope you all enjoyed it.
9/2/11 10:19 PM


2 Responses to “My lover doesn’t understand”

  1. I was told the same thing. When I desire sex. I will shave. Grandpa told me a long time ago. Woman have the wealth. Something we need.

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