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Only white people can end white Supremacy

The title says it all that only white people can destroy white supremacy, white control over the world and white brainwashing. The reason why I say this is because no one outside the white race can influence the white race to get people on a mass level to change. We must remember that when non-whites attack white supremacy white people are conditioned to fight because they see it as an attack on them as an individual not as a system. You could say that white people might be the biggest victims of the system because they are taught from birth that they are one and the same to destroy the system is to destroy themselves which is not the case.
Now the war against White Supremacy has been fought for over a couple of hundred years mostly by non-whites but a few whites throughout the years have stood up to the plate a case in point would be the president of the Underground Railroad in the Americas. The problem is as soon as they die white people or the system will do whatever it takes to destroy and distort the white people that fight against them. So much so that many non-whites will jump in and do the same making it appear that all white people simply are blinded to the disease of this unjust system and way of life. But anyone who wants to do research will find a wealth of white people who not only fought against the system but many who became Martyrs to the system.
Some white people have thought that by breeding with non-whites and making the world a blacker or browner place will be effective. I would like to say that it’s a well-intentioned and worthwhile step but it has three major problems. The first problem is just because you breed with non-whites doesn’t mean you do not still have the white supremacy mind set. I have seen many interracial couples were the white person is not only in full control of the relationship but also without realizing it downgrading their spouse little by little. This can cause frustration in the non-white that could lead to divorce and sometimes murder. The second problem is I have also seen the reverse were the white person is almost a servant to the non-white partner. Again, this could lead to an array of problems. The third problem is simply that the white person passes on to their children the identity and attitude of white supremacy therefore having these children grow and embrace the very supremacy that their said white parent abhorred.
A separate issue is also that white people that try to prove that they are anti-supremacy will put down there own people. This is most common among white women who will do whatever it takes to make them look good. I would warn any non-white person that if your white partner or friend puts down there own people or allows others to viciously attach there people to stay away from them. The goal of ending supremacy is to have full equality not the reverse.
(I would also like to point out that many white women claim to be victims of white supremacy as much as non-whites but I have to disagree in every case women have aided white supremacy just as much as the men. So when I hear white women say their struggle is our struggle all one has to do is go to any video store get any 1960’s Civil rights videos and you will see just as many women shouting and cursing for the sacred sanctity of the white race as white men. Also you can read history books and you will find many women supporting and adding to the injustice that so many have suffered. The fact that they are trying to play both sides as victim and as superior women proves the sickness of the disease.)
Though I applaud those who with the right mindset breed with non-whites in most cases it is done in the name of rebellion which cause the supremacy to continue and most often regret. I would also applaud those who do not wish to have children as making the biggest sacrifice. To those who do want to have children you must take the first step and deprogram yourself. The first step in doing this is to get to know non-white people not just Black people but all non-white people. Go to there places of worship ask them political questions or simply just have a down to earth chat. You can learn the most about how people view the world through simple everyday conversation. If they say something that you find offends your whiteness ask yourself why look into it ask them why they believe or think that.
Another thing you should do is study African, Asian, Arabic and Latino history and culture. These two things make people whether they know it or not the people that they are. Of course don’t become smug about it what you have learned and don’t go throwing it in peoples faces simply learn. I would also suggest studying various Empowering movements these people may have that would give you the greatest insights of the struggle they face on a daily level. While doing all of these things look for other white people that feel and are doing the same things you are. Start a club or your own movement, which some white people have done on various Internet networks. Talking to others and getting to know others of your own kind will strengthen you and help you to proceed.
WARNING: Don’t expect to be embraced by non-whites at first at all. You must prove yourself that you are genuine not just doing for alternative reasons. Intention is just the first step then comes living it.
Remember that everything you learn you must implement it slowly changing your attitudes and the world around you. If you think you have no supremacy thoughts think again. People who say they don’t have the attitude of supremacy are usually the ones that have it the most. It is a life long journey of examination, learning and stopping the flow of injustice to be carried on by those around you and to the next generation.
On this note I am going to end but will revise this topic down the line. I hope that I have helped and opened some eyes.


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