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Star of David

As I was walking around in Kingston I noticed that when people saw my Star of David hanging on my neck they would give me a strange almost repulsive look. As if I was some sort of diseased animal. People would look at my face and smile then as soon as they noticed my star their face would change to a I’m going to puke look which got me thinking do people still have something against Jews? To make sure it wasn’t my imagination I decided to Worcester, Brockton, Springfield and even Boston. Every time the same thing would happen a smile to at my face and a repulsive look at the star. I even put it under my shirt, which got me nothing but smiles and greetings, but as soon as the star came out the repulsion came back. I would like to say it was just white people but it wasn’t black, Asian, Latino, and others gave me the same dirty looks as the white people. So what it is about the star or Jews that make people still feel repulsed after all these years? Is it because anti-Semitism still exists? Is it because it reminds people that they are Gods chosen above all nations? Or is it the feeling that they (the Jews) are up to no good and are responsible for our current if not all the world problems? I would have to say that its all of these things most people that are not Jewish still don’t trust Jewish people. They are still seen as outsiders and being a constant outsider always makes you a target. I can only say that I time I hope these feelings people have will go away until then we must hang in.


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