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If Obama was white

Its time to face facts that the reason we are heading down the spiral and no one seems to want to help the president is simply because he is Black. I hate to say it but an a predominately white Senate and Congress do not want a Black man to save us from our economical troubles because that would mean that Black Men were equal to White men. It would prove there long held beliefs that a Black Man could not run America as well as a White Man so they sabotage Mr. Obama every chance they get vetoing the majority of his ideas and only passing there warped ideas that they know will fail. I say its time that the people wake and stand behind the person they elected and see that Racism on the Hill is still alive and well. We are all suffering because of a few White Supremacists that don’t want to be proving wrong.


2 Responses to “If Obama was white”

  1. Dude. You mind if I link to this post from my own site? This is just too awesome.

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