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Peacenik Revolution

It is time that we as people of the United States and the world at large rise up and take action. We can see that the world is falling apart and that our governments will not help else in any real sense of the word. Those with power have swindled us out of everything that we know and that we deserve as human beings. The time of sitting by twiddling our fingers hoping that someone will save us from woes and make things right are over. We in the United States voted in change the last ray of hope and all we got was worse then where we started. Let us not waits any more time let us take back the power that we foolishly handed over to the big wigs of D.C Corporate America and Wall Street. The time is now and if you are not willing to sacrifice some comforts for a better tomorrow then you are part of the problem.
We must make it clear that in order for this to work we must over throw society as we have come to understand it. The old way of doing things must come to a complete end. Those who are in power must be taking out of power and replaced with a new system full of fresh ideas. I have taking the time to outline a path that I believe will be the best action to ending our current predicament.
1) Education and Communication- We as a people have yet to learn from our past mistakes because most people have no clear understanding of the fullness of history. We are taught certain things from a fixed perception and we take that to be the only perception that there ever was. It is time that we learn history from every angle the ups and downs of all peoples on earth from the Greatness of Africa to the Slavery of White People from those who advocated social order and those who advocated chaos. This is the only way that we as human beings will come to understand each other and have a better feel for one another because we will know the coarse of history.
Not only must we learn from our mistakes but we must also become better communicators allowing everyone to step forward and have there say in the sun. What are the problems that they face by having open communications we will grow to understand one another and grow closer as a human family. The ills of the past can be healed with simple communication and validation.

2) We must also spread the word about our revolution we must make fliers take out billboard ads put it on clothes, radio, art, everywhere we go we must speak of the revolution and how this system has failed us. Those who are against us must become sick with hearing about what we want, need, and will not settle for anything less for until we have achieved our goal.
3) We must rally together in parks, in front of public buildings, everywhere and anywhere we must gather with out banners in the air and our demands spewing forth from out mouths. This will show that we are serious and it will strengthen our very moral.
4) We must stop paying all forms of taxes because they are part of the reason why we are in bondage. Our so called protectors are more like Mafia bosses putting the squeeze on us for what they have no right to take and like criminals if we don’t comply they will come beat us and throw us in chains. But we must stand together and those in the movement must stand firm no matter happens and not pay taxes at the end of the year, or on any products that we may buy. This will wake the giant to see how very serious we are because they cannot live without our money.
5) We must boycott all corporations whose headquarters are not in the boarders of our country in this case the United States. We must also boycott all corporations that do not make their products within the boarders of the United States. It doesn’t make sense to give money to people who are enforcing slavery of another person. Why should you allow someone to reap the benefits while your children are paying the price of looking for work and having none? As these tycoons have products being made in third world countries we are becoming a third world country. So boycott them all until they bring and make everything at home.
6) Every couple of weeks we must have a national halt day and in between the national weeks we must have a state halt and local city and town halts. This is when no one goes to work on the decided days let everyone stay home and have an extra day of rest. If your job tries to make you work on that day or a day off simply refuse and have an extra halt day. This is the only way that the big wigs will see that we have the ultimate power and that without us they are nothing but helpless babies. It doesn’t matter what you do for work on the decided you everyone must stop the country must come to a complete standstill.
7) Stop buying from all chain stores and seek out local Mom and Pop stores. In order to have a strong community we must support our communities by spending money in places that will be giving money back to the local community. These chain stores and restaurants take the money and send it to their corporate offices who them hoard the money were as local stores and restaurants spend the money where they make it which strengthens everybody. It is also a good way for the community to get to know each other and stop living separate lives in the same space.
8) Until our revolution is complete we must stop the vote. Not one greedy president has ever helped us and our needs the reason is because our need vary from place to place so we will not vote for presidents, congress men, or any other big government position. When we gather we will not have a single leader but allow everyone to have a say and a vote on all the topics that may arise. Everyone will put there issues in a box and pick a person to pull each issue out read it and them have the people talk to each other in a civil manner until they have reached a conclusion of the said problem.
9) Peace Riots must be done in any governmental area at least ounce to twice a week. A peace riot is when everyone gathers running in the streets, sidewalks, in every direction throwing confetti, and peace symbols all over the place. They way you will be able to tell your fellow rioters is that everyone involved must ware all black clothes with a red or white peace symbol on there chest. Keep the riot going for at least 3 to 4 hours at different times on different days. Showing the government and the world that we could be violent but we are taking the higher ground.
10) We must resist violence at all costs even when violence is used against us. If violence is used simply lie down and make them drag you away. If you are thrown into prison chant “I am a free human being these chains and cages can’t hold me”. If we use violence then they will be justified in using violence against us it is our duty to not use violence making them either respond to our wills or reveal themselves as the beasts that they are.
11) We must cut the work force in half so on a day decided by those involved one person in a household will go to work the other person will stay at home. It doesn’t matter who it is male or female but from that moment on only one person works in a household. Don’t worry about bills are any type of payment because they are unjust and unrealistic. It is time that we bring the United States back in line with the good life. This will cause prices to drop and create more jobs thus ending the shortage of jobs. This must become a Permanente fixture in the United States whenever two people move in together they will have to decide who will work and who wont.
12) We must end the idea of inflation ounce and for all. We must set a one time price that is reasonable and affordable for all people and keep it at the said price thus curving the greedy nature of humans.


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