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Bekle Berhane is a musician, writer, Anarchist, Blogger, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Patriotism, Universal Life Church Minister, and Reverend in the Moorish Orthodox Church of America and is a member of the Noble Order of the Moorish Sufis, and the Zen Zion Coptic Orthodox Church. He is the founder of the Bruce Lee Sucks Foundation, and the Halvah Sufi Order. He is also a member of the No Poo Movement, Anti-Racist Coalition, the White Panther Party, D.I.Y. Movement, and the Anti-Globalization Movement and the Voluntary Society Movement Free Love (Sex Radical) Movement and the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. He believes that Free Unions are the only legitimate form of marriage.
He is also known as Shakur Ali Khan Bey, Bunny Asher, and Waffles.
He attended Timbuktu University and the Hakim Bey Diocesan Theological Seminary.


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