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Noble Drew Ali and Freemasonry

According to Rufus Germane Bey Noble Drew Ali was not a freemason because when he went to Egypt he wasn’t 21 years of age and that only someone that is 21 or older can join the Masonic order. This is a false idea that Masons put forth but if the Masons see that you are an exceptional person whether in deeds or spiritual gifts they will allow them to join. They call these people under the age of 21 a Lewis and that’s what Noble Drew Ali was. It is obvious that he was an exceptional person and many people that met him knew of his greatness so I see no reason to believe that he was not allowed in and not supported by the Masons to join.
Not only was he a Mason but he was also a Rosicrucian that is a feat onto itself but not the most unheard of since only a few people have been able to bridge the gap. But also some Masonic Lodges have a Rosicrucian degree so he might have been taught both Masonic and Rosicrucian teachings within the same lodge. Whatever one wished to believe, know that Noble Drew Ali bridged many gaps before he returned to Allah.


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