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El and Bey

Mind bomb explodes
Peacenik illuminators
Spiritual mountain drinkers
Kung-Fu time travelers
Freedom pirates
Hiding hand in plain sight
The eye all-seeing

United in individual paths
Mirror reflections
Ledge jumpers
Dream achievers
Fraternal order without secrets
A secret family beneath the sun

Society rattles
Looking-glass tales
Travelers standing still
Irish Persians sailing horizons
High Brazil unlocked
Fathers, Mothers, and children of what
Puritan pagan orgy fire

Bats in the attic
Nothing is what it appears
Bats in the attic
Everything is what it appears

Awake the zombies from their Comas
Smashing false realities
The truth must be revealed
Not tucked away under long beards and rabbit ear hats

Long lives the EL
Long lives the BEY
Cosmic bondage assassins

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