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Grey Jedi are Anarchists

Grey Jedi are Anarchists
When watching and reading about Star Wars it becomes very clear that the Grey Jedi are the Anarchists of the universe. The reason I say this is because unlike the Sith and the Jedi the Grey ones don’t live in a dogmatic absolute way of life. Though the Jedi and Sith claim to be different they are actually the same only the Sith are all about self and the Jedi are about selflessness but they both live within the bounds of set rules. The Grey Jedi are the only ones that see the force as only a tool to be used and live by there own guts rather than strict codes of dogma and morals and it is the grey who are not in a state of absolution. Though they may work with the Jedi or Sith from time to time they are the only ones that keep the balance of the force as a daily practice. Also, some of them had families which goes against the Jedi and they taught as many people as they desired which ended up going against the Sith code so we see just in that there unique case. Like all Anarchists they live by there own rules and know that sometimes the rules must change to better the greater good.


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