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Hippies are Anarchists

Many people believe or think that Hippies and Anarchists are total opposites. In fact some even try to say that Anarchists and Hippies dislike each other but I would have to point out that many Hippies such as Abbie Hoffman were Anarchists, whether they called themselves that or not. Another Hippie group was the Merry Pranksters that used what some would call Anarchist tactics to wake up society. Anarchists are the Forefathers of the Hippie movement if you study the core elements of what Hippies and Anarchists want which is non-central government, equality for all, and basic living then you will see that they are both the same. Now some may use different methods but what they are trying to achieve is the same thing Utopia.
The only thing that may differ is only how they express their ideals hippies pass out flower while Anarchists will give you the middle finger but both are sitting on the same bench. The reason why many people make the mistake that they are not the same is due to punk music that used Anarchy as a way to rebel against the hippies and the music that they expressed themselves in was and is more violent in sound. But I ask you to look past the exterior and look at the inertia and you will find the same house.
So Peace Love and Sod Off


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