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Moors in Massachusetts

I recently received an e-mail telling me of a Holy Moorish Orthodox Temple out in Springfield Massachusetts. The person who wrote me the letter went by the name Twinkie EL that I liked, he also gave me his number so I called. He informed me that he started his Church a few months back and was glad to find some more Moors in the state. Sat morning I set out to Springfield to meet and talk with the guy. We met up and had a lovely time drinking tea, walking the streets and just asking and answering each other’s questions. He even brought me to his house were he converted his garage into his M.O.T. It was all done up with various Christmas lights and strange paintings I even got to meet some of the Other moors they were punk, geeky, types of people that had great insights into various practices and religions. I ended up staying the whole day with them. I invited them out to my M.O.C. and I hope one day we can do a joint gathering.


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  1. I.S.L.A.M. Brother,

    My name is roy, im currently out of Taunton Massachusetts and i was looking high and low for a temple in Massachusetts to assist me in proclaiming my free national name and unalienable birthrights, or simply shine some light on how i should go about the procedure. If you can respond with any insight on reguards to the movement and standing of this temple, and how i can i find this temple, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    • Islam Brother
      The nearest Temple that can help you is located in Hartford Ct, they can help you with passports and everything else that you may need. I’m not sure the address but if you put it in search it should pop up. I am of the Moorish Orthodox variety of Moor and I am the Imam of Al-Khidr Mosque, you can find more info at, we are mostly European followers of Noble Drew Ali inspired by people like Muhammad al-ahari, Hakim Bey and Walid al-taha. If I were you I would call the Temple first, they will let you know when to go and see them and help you with everything you will need. I hope I have been of some help.
      May Allah bless you on your journey

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