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My Anarchy

Many people ask me about my political views and though I consider myself just an Anarchist many people ask me to get into specifics. So I came up with a basic list of REJECT and ADVOCATE but these are my own opinions about Anarchism and in no way reflect other Anarchist. If you are curious about Anarchy just do some web surfing and you will find a wide range of Communist, Democratic, Capitalist, Syndicates, Feminist, and many other forms of Anarchy. Though I occasionally will say I’m an Anarcho-Pacifist I normally tend not to use other terms with my views because I don’t think one should limit themselves to particular schools of thought. This is why I normally just say I’m an Anarchist and of course I always have to correct people when they think it means Chaos. I also find by calling oneself Anarcho- Communist, Anarcho- Pacifist, or whatever term you want to use causes more divisions within the Anarchist movement than does good. But for those who want to know what my take on Anarchism is I hope you find the following helpful.

I will start with the Rejections then do what I Advocate.
1) Central Government
2) Nationalism
3) Racism
4) Fascism
5) Imperialism
6) Corporation world domination
7) White supremacy (all forms of Supremacy)
8) Marriage
9) Censorship
10) Prohibitions
11) Capitalism
12) Patriarchy/ Matriarchy
13) The State
14) Globalization (One World Government)
15) Money (including Wages)
16) Copyright and Patent laws (Ideas can’t be owned)
17) Technology that harms people, animals, and the earth in general
18) Hierarchy
1) God
2) Pacifism
3) Demystification of Parenthood
4) Voluntarism
5) Communal Ownership
6) Free Unions
7) Polyamory (and all other forms on Non-monogamy)
8) Monogamy
9) Gift Economy
10) Tribalism
11) Eco-Villages
12) Free cycle
13) Pomosexuality
14) Know thy self
15) Follow your bliss
16) Non-dogmatic ideologies
17) Supreme Individuality
Well that’s it in a nut shell now some people might be thinking that Racism and White Supremacy are the same thing and even though they may have some common themes I see them as two different things and I would like to point out that I wouldn’t advocate any form of Supremacy by any group its just in this case and time white supremacy rules the day and it needs to be undone.
I was going to put Marijuana for all in my Advocate Column but I think my rejection of all Prohibitions makes that just as clear. The reason why I reject Prohibitions is for the simple reason that we are all adults and if you want to drink, smoke, shoot up, drop acid, or sniff lines as long as it doesn’t harm other people nor interfere with your daily life I say do what you want according to your own conscious.
For those who don’t know what Polyamory means having open relationship with more than one person that everyone in the relationship knows and is ok with. I was also going to put one-night stands and Sluts but thought that might be redundant and put that under Non-Monogamy.
For those who don’t Know what Pomosexuality is (no its not what you think), Pomosexuality is the position that peoples sexuality are nobody else’s business and that sex is too complicated to label me


3 Responses to “My Anarchy”

  1. Hello, i think that i saw you visited my blog so i came to “return the favor”.I’m trying to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  2. Good stuff… Just killing some time at work surfing the interweb and found your post. Great looking website. I will have to bookmark the blog to come back. Cheers Free Modern Warfare 3!

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