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Why I’ll never enter a monogamous relationship again

The reason why I’ll never enter into a monogamous relationship again is because it builds false pretense that the person you are with will always be there. Ounce the human mind believes this and no longer feels that it has to work to maintain the relationship everything seems to fall apart. The sex slowly fades, the fights begin and the relationship becomes more like work than something that should be enjoyed. But non-monogamy makes people constantly work to keep the relationship going because you know if the person finds someone else that is more to what they need they will leave you or put you on the side burner so it’s a relationship of constant firsts. When you first meet someone you have to walk the line but I believe that line must be maintained and non-monogamy does just that. It keeps the fires burning on and on.
Some will agree with me some will disagree but this is just my opinion after all.


3 Responses to “Why I’ll never enter a monogamous relationship again”

  1. The old me would of totally disagreed with this, tried to convince you other wise, but the new me, well I get this, and I agree, I have come to this realization as well.

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