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Amy Comic Kingston

Tall slim twenty-one
Long legs brown hair
Round 1920’s cartoon eyes, green
Skin tanned light brown with gold undertones
Typical small features
B-cup tits
Long, long, legs that morphed into a round little ass
Lips natural with gloss
No make up
We met at 11:55
After I bought some books
She worked at the Comic store
Tight purple shirt
Jean shorts that barely covered the little that she had
She asked how I was doing?
I answered o.k.
The rabbit hole conversation took off towards its destination

The teakettle started brewing
Before the whistle toot we walked into the back room
A small closet sized office
Brown desk
Swivel black leather chair

Door closed
She turned her back towards me
Pulling down her shorts
Revealing her little dark pink panties
She placed her hands on the desk
I pulled her panties down to her ankles
Her pink pussy glistened
Pushed her legs apart
My pants dropped to the floor
My boxers slid down
I pushed inside her ready juice box
Hard to push in and hard to pull back
Pulled out then in
Barely fitting the head inside
Kept working at her until the head finally popped in
Then worked the shaft in
Her heavy breath made the room hot
She kept repeating her mantra go easy, easy, go easy
Slow pumping
Each pump her pussy took more dick
Her inner muscles rippling up and down my shaft
Cock halfway in I got the rhythm thumping
Her sweet angelic voice had no problems in spitting out vile profanities
Fuck, shit, I’m a dirty cunt filled my eardrums

Grabbing her hair I wrapped it round my hand
Pumping and thumping while pulling and tugging
Yes, DAYUM she yelled out

Pulled out
She sat me in the chair
Shirt off
Bra of
Hoped on and rode my dick
Smile never left her face
Her body tightening up only to ease back down
Waves of orgasmic fluids covered my cock and balls
She held me tight while the tidal waves came crashing down
For a few minutes she stopped
She got up grabbed my cock and started sucking and licking the head
Jerking the shaft
Closed my eyes
Leaned my head back
Shooting heavy loads after heavy thick load in her mouth
All over her face

We prepared ourselves
She went back to work
I walked around the store
Waved smiled said good-bye

Share-a-like 6 November 2011


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